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The Headphone Disco concept is the brainchild of the Pirate Disco Berlin! 

The concept of a disco where people dance to music listened to on headphones is the brainchild of Pirate Disco Berlin. 433fm people claim to be the originators, innovators or creators of the Silent Disco. That is false! The concept was ripped off from me…

Although the co-founders of 433fm were the first bringing to life the headphone disco in its current form, in Rotterdam the Netherlands back in 2002, they are not the ones that had the original idea, concept in the first place as they claim to be. They are not so innovative as they made the whole world believe they are. It is false to create the impression that they are such pioneers and so unbelievably original. 

The concept, idea, plan or whatever you may call it, was mine before it was theirs. My child headphone disco was abducted and became the silent disco in 433fm people hands. 

It is right to say that it’s thanks to the work of the 433fm people that the Silent Disco concept  became famous and known around the world.  NO SURPRISE!  they had the great advantage to be the only ones around without any concurrence for a long time, allowing them to grow untouched.

Here is the real true story: In search for investors for my Disco with Headphones concept, as I remember calling it back in 2000/2001, I did have to expose the project and idea to strangers in my efforts to convince them of the concept potential so I could get a financial backup to buy equipment. Obviously, I did talk too many and to the wrong people. I never been able to start the Headphone Disco project back then. Imagine who did? Yes and not in tokyo or New York, it just had to happened 200 meters from my doorstep… what an unbelievable coincidence! 

When still busy to find a investor or partner, to my surprise, I sew the headphones disco happening just in front of my eyes. I could not believe it! In the same city where I was living and where I was actively looking for a partner? The same original, pioneering idea coming to live in the same town? It could had happen anywhere in the world but NO. It had to happen just in the same city. Maybe Rotterdam is full of creative people, who knows?

I remember people looking at me in disbelieve when I was telling them about my concept . That it would never work, that it did not exist and i was crazy with crazy ideas(still happens this days with many other concepts). EXACTLY because it did not exist and was such a crazy concept, was fun for me to make it. And exactly because it sounded impossible and so crazy, it was such type challenge I loved to take on.

The headphone disco was my mission impossible back than. Im not an inventor of stories, this is a a tue story im telling you. Im an inventor of crazy ideas and concepts and i got the prove. 

The Headphone Disco concept was my original idea and project before it was 433fm boys! They are not so original as they claim to be! The world is full of this type of situations. The true creators, inventors, pioneers, are many times dependent from others with influence and money to realize their project or idea.  You need to expose your plan to others and risk losing it…

The funny part is when they did threat me with court case and lawyers or even to making killing jokes on me for telling my true story. They really believe in the lie they fabricate and told the whole world and get furious if someone comes to claim the truth. Actually I have more right to be furious, don’t you think so? After all they stole my brainchild and run away with it all over the world. Now they kick ass of other companies for doing the silent disco because of copying rights or what ever…

Well maybe not so funny after all, luckily the threats were just threats and i still can write my own story. Im NOT an inventor of stories or fantasies. Im an inventor of crazy concepts, innovative ideas and a pioneer with projects people normally label as impossible mission, just like the headphones disco concept back in 2000/2001. I detest lies and threats, so i decided to write my story only after i received the court and killing(joke) threats from 433fm people… when will 433fm send me to court? Im ready to tell the judge how it feels to see my project robbed and wonder if the judge will ask me to close my Silent Disco business because is a copycat of 433fm Silent Disco…a fair world is far from reach but who knows one day :)

News from around the world about silent disco and success of the NO innovators, inventors that runaway with my concept.