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Best Headphones for a Silent Disco Party

Our specially designed high-end silent disco equipment includes top of the line wireless silent disco headphones and wireless FM transmitters. We currently offer a couple of silent disco headphones models and a wireless receiver.

The over-ear comfortable silent disco headphones are adjustable in size. Each Headphone features a personal volume control and channel switch allowing for optional toggling between the channels. The silent disco headphone sound quality is crisp with clear highs and deep lows.

Buy Party Headphones Directly from the Manufacturer

Why buy your own silent disco equipment from a retailer if you can buy it directly from the factory?

We sell our product directly to the end user. By doing so, the final product price can be substantially reduced.


The Benefits of Purchasing Party Headphones Direct from the Manufacturer

The internet has made product manufacturers far more accessible than they previously were. The days when manufacturers dealt only with wholesalers and retailers are confined to the past, and there are many strong reasons why individual consumers and businesses are beginning to favour dealing with a manufacturer directly over buying from retailers.

An important point to start with is that we as the silent disco equipment manufacturer, we are the experts in our own party headphones. We know and understand the details and features best, because they see the equipment through every stage of design and production, therefor we are in a prime position to provide the best advice to a customer. This gives consumers who come directly to us, an advice which is more specialised.

Another significant benefit to buying your party headphones direct from us, the manufacturer, is that almost certain we can offer a better purchase price. Cutting out the “middle man”, such as wholesalers and retailers, is a good way to avoid those expenses. The retail price when buying from the silent disco manufacturer will therefore be considerably less, meaning a large discount for the consumer, should be a irresistible deal for many. There is no need for rocket science on this.

The benefits of buying directly from the party headphone manufacturer are clear: expert service, lower prices...


There’s just no way around it. When you buy something from a retailer, they’ve already bought it from the manufacturer and must raise the price or they won’t make any money. On the other hand, if a manufacturer can sell directly to you without the retailer as the middleman, then you have access to lower prices. It’s very simple: If you take out the middleman, you take out the middleman’s profit – which means your silent disco equipment price is lower.

The major advantage of direct buy purchases is reduced prices, given the absencsport, warehouse handling, packaging, and retail display, marketing and extra profits.

What happens if you get a product and you have issues with it? Do you think a third-party retailer is going to be able to help you better then the silent disco manufacturer self? It’s not likely. You can bet that the manufacturer knows their products inside and out, better then the retailers..

3. You’ll be working with a silent disco company who can help you make the right purchase

Do you know exactly what you want? Or do you need assistance? Even the simplest questions are going to be better answered by the party headphone manufacturer. It’s also true that when you work with a retailer, their passion is sales. On the other hand, when you work with a manufacturer, our passion is our product. We will take the time to learn what your needs are and will recommend party headphone products that work for you – not simply whatever silent disco product that yields the biggest price tag.



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