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    Buy Silent FITNESS Headphones

    ● Get your very own silent disco sound system. Party headphones designed for all events

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    Buy Folding Silent Fitness Headphones

    ● Ergonomic, foldable party headphones design with soft leather style ear pads, adjustable silent disco headbands for any size.

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    Best Headphones for Your Silent FITNESS

    ● Specially designed high-end silent disco equipment includes top of the line wireless party headphones

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    Buy Robust Silent Fitness Headphones

    ● Listen to your entertainment in extreme comfort, even during long hours of extended wear.

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    ● Strong Bass and volume. Light and resistent headphone materials. Long distance sigal.

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    Rechargeable Funky Fitness Headphones

    ● Silent Disco Headphones with Funky flashlights gently pulsing on as you pump the tunes up. Big channel-indicating logo light



Wireless Silent Fitness Headphones


 Wear Silent Fitness Headphones while working out in various classes. These classes can range from yoga, spin, strength classes, zumba, etc! There is no limit to what you can do with the silent fitness headphones

Why are using wireless headphones better?

  • Class size no longer matters, the instructor speaks over the wireless headphones to a group of 10 or 2000 participants. Each person can hear what the instructor is saying without missing a beat

  • You can have up to 3 fitness classes going on at the same time

  • You can be outdoors and the instructors voice will not get lost in the wind

  • You can be taught by 3 different levels of instructors at the same time


Utilizing the latest in Silent Fitness Headphone technology you can now enjoy your favourite style of group fitness to music at your local park or beach. Create a fun and energetic fitness experience in nature with wireless headphones!

Ready for a unique fitness experience?

Silent Fitness offers a fun and inspiring version of fitness 

All guests will be provided with wireless headphones that eliminate all external noise allowing you to be seamlessly guided through the classes in a very personal way. The emphasis is on both movement and music, expressing both as vehicles into a deeper experience.

The moves are the same, but the experience totally different. These pop up classes offer a meditative and physical experience with an added audio component that makes an impact.

Why wireless fitness headphones?

When everyone wears headphones, there's this immediate sense of togetherness because there is something unique and unconventional in common. It allows us to host big scale concepts like Silent Fitness where all participants have control over the music and the instructor's voice right at their fingertips - even the participants furthest from the instructors feel like they're getting a one-on-one class!


Silent Fitness System

Add all the fun and energy of music to your indoor or outdoor group exercise classes without disturbing the surrounding environment with the Silent Fitness headphones.The music and instructors voice are delivered through wireless headphones at DJ sound quality for a truly out of this world experience! Group exercise to music is a formula proven to increase membership and retain members for longer and now it’s no longer confined to the walls of a large gym studio or out of reach because of unwanted noise.If you’ve been searching for a music solution for your fitness business, or you’re looking for a way to re-energise your clients, differentiate and add value to your business, and increase and retain your members, then you need the Silent Fitness Headphones


Buy Pre-Built Silent Disco Packages

Pre-built packages are designed to get you started with your silent disco headphones system events

Home Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

Silent disco at home, your own discotheque! Outside in the garden or inside in the livingroom, Silent Disco at Home is always a party. With a Silent Disco home system, you can offer visitors an exclusive club experience. 

Corporate & Conference Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

Not all of the events we run are music related. Corporate events such as seminars and stands at trade shows can also benefit from this system. If you have a large audience room then it might be a better idea to circulate a silent disco headphones system instead of trying to arrange suitable speakers. 

Cinema Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

Silent Cinema: Show movies outdoors, at drive through cinemas with no noise pollution or even show more than 1 film in the same room at the same time. Silent Cinema is an exciting new way to watch film and TV

Yoga & Fitness Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

 The instructor is present in the room, but doesn’t have to be amplified, because you can adjust the volume of the voice and the music. The noise-isolating silent disco headphones also block out ambient noise, minimizing distractions.

Fitness Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

Get those silent fitness headphones on and get ready to sweat! The new fitness craze takes the concept of a silent disco and combines it with an intensive outdoor, indoor training programme. The headphones can play a recorded fitness soundtrack to the user.

Education & Translation Silent Disco Headphone Equipment

One of the major advantages of a multi-channel silent party headphone equipment is that whilst one person is conducting the main seminar in one language you can have multiple other speakers translating the seminar or the other channels.



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