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Silent Party (also a silent disco, a quiet disco or a headphone party) is the name for a disco where people can dance to music they hear via wireless headphones. Instead of using a loudspeaker system, the music is transmitted by radio to the wireless headsets of the subscribers. Looking at the scenery without headphones, one can not hear any music and sees dancing people in a quiet space. Typically, two DJs compete for the listeners, who can choose which song they hear by setting on their wireless headphones. The silent disco is popular, for example, at music festivals and open air parties, because it allows people to dance to loud music without any noise pollution.
Advantages arise by saving the effort of large amplifier and loudspeaker system, relative calmness for the environment, but also peace for conversations at the event itself. The volume can be adjusted by everyone for themselves at the headphones, for a music pause a person does not have to leave the room. The choice between two channels is also made by a switch on the headphone.
In Skatenights, for example, it is now customary to receive webradio via smartphones or to play music stored and transmit it via Bluetooth to a neighbor, so that two people can hear the same music for others inaudibly and wirelessly.

The quietest party in the city

At first sight it looks funny. A disco where the clubbers dance wild, scream and rock - but without music.

Silent Party under the headphones

At the Silent Party, guests choose their own music and listen to them via radio headsets. This creates a dancing pleasure in silence.

It is difficult to decide who has more fun: the club guests with headphones who dance with a wide smile on the face to seemingly silent music or the guests on the edge. Obviously, a " Silent Party " is neither uncommunicative nor boring. Because everywhere on the dance floor of the disco is talked, laughed and sung. And that although - or just because - here without headphones no music is to be heard.
Already half an hour before the Silent Party beginning, the first guests at the disco are the first guests at the output desk, where the headphones are available. "We come here every time because it's so relaxed and somehow different,". An hour later, they bounce around the world, possibly running under their headphones, Franz Ferdinand or The Killers. Right next to it, some guests quietly sing the chorus of The Cure song "Friday I'm in Love". Since two DJs are connected in parallel, the headphones have two channels between the guests and the guests can switch between them. It is striking that many dancers look at each other smiling. "You do not always have to look cool, on the contrary. Anyone who moves a little crazy under his headphones will often get even more sympathy, "


Silent Party

Silent events can take place everywhere.

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