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Wireless Silent Yoga Headphones


These Headphones Will Transform Your Yoga Practice. Headphones that have an adjustable volume and you are able to hear both the teacher and music. Headphones that stay on your head. Headphones that block out all ambient noise.  Headphones that allow you to submerse yourself into your own world. 

The best part about all of this is not only are you in your own zone, so is everyone else.  There’s something spectacular about that fun fact because it actually creates a “we-are-in-this-together” experience. It’s almost counter-intuitive to think that putting on a set of headphones would build a sense of community among those moving and breathing on their yoga mats. Yet it does. It’s magic.

Host unforgettable experiences with wireless headphone technology, letting guests tune in to up to three channels of audio from DJs, event leaders, fitness instructors, and multimedia presentations.

Only those with headphones can hear, so while participants are fully immersed in your event, no one else can hear a thing.

Wireless silent yoga headphones are more than the next fad—it’s a pretty smart fix for a variety of teaching challenges.

Ever wish you could hear your yoga teacher whispering softly in your ear? Or that you had a way to block out the sound of ambulances and fire trucks whizzing by? Silent Yoga Headphones is the solution

One clear benefit of the wireless yoga headsets is they allow you to have a large-scale yoga class in an area where you may not be permitted to amplify sound; for example, on the beach. The headsets also reduce the need for electricity, and allow participants to adjust the volume to their liking, so people in the back of the class can hear and people in the front aren’t “blown out.” The headphones also have three audio channels, permitting multiple fitness events in the same space


New twist at yoga class: using headphones for immersive experience

The moves are the same, but the experience totally different. These pop up classes offer a meditative and physical experience with an added audio component that makes an impact.

If you are a yoga studio looking to change things up, look no further. Silent Yoga headphones for indoor and outdoor classes, will do the trick. Think about those outdoor classes you love to coach in the summer. You fear having too large of a class and the students will not be able to hear you. With these silent yogaheadphones, you speak directly to each student, no matter how large the class, no matter how much background noise may be going on behind you.



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