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Silent Disco Equipment?

Silent Disco Berlin provides cost effective Silent Discoentertainment solutions to events and private parties. Here wireless headphones for your Silent Disco event, Silent Cinema, Private Party!

Keep the party going all night with a Silent Disco Equipment pack! Compatible with any DJ System or smartphone, laptop, simply connect to the transmitter and party through the night!.

Silent Disco or Silent Party equipment consists of headphones and transmitters. At a ‘silent’ event, guests wear headphones and listen to whatever is being played through them. Our Silent Disco equipment has 4 channels; this allows guests to switch between 3 sources while wearing one pair of headphones.

  • Listening Parties
    Releasing a new album? Launching a video? Viewing a documentary? Your guests won’t stop talking about their unique experience with Silent Disco equipment provided- Take a step away from the ordinary, play four songs or videos that shows your creation process simultaneously!
  • Outdoor Cinema
    Having trouble balancing the acoustics for an outdoor movie? Maybe you would rather not deal with the “setup” and “break-down” of audio equipment, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Silent Disco Equipment  offers a no-hassle solution to improve sound quality and make sure every patron enjoys the cinematic experience.
  • Corporate Events
    Corporate event? The possibilities are endless. Play a slide show of your companies annual achievements, have your guests tune in to a live presenter for instructions and prize giveaways. Record a video montage of employees thanking co-workers, and motivating each other, and don’t forget about the DJ. Silent Disco Equipment offers all those possibilities in same space at same time.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Festivals
    Silent Disco equipment is great for all types of festivals. Whether you’re having the event outdoors to accommodate a larger crowd, or an intimate indoor gathering, you should definitely consider a silent disco equipment set.
  • Locations Where Noise Ordinances Exist
    Don’t worry about the neighbors, Silent Disco Equipment takes care of that. Boat docks, roof tops, and residential areas, are some of the areas that have noise ordinances. The only people that hear the music are the people wearing headphones. That will keep your party going,


We want to make sure you get a top notch silent party experience no matter how small or large your gathering is.